Everyonestory: Stories Worth Sharing Video Series

Everyonestory: Stories Worth Sharing is a web based video series I have created profiling individuals who live and work among us but seldom have their stories told. From the person who waits your table, cleans houses or offices, parks cars, clerks, or bags groceries, comes stories of hard work and hope, of dreams deferred and dreams lived, of fears and courage, of loss and happiness. The goal of the series is to bring dignity and voice to the many nameless persons who often work two jobs just to support their family. At best, may these profiles inspire kindness and understanding about those among us who, in their own way, help make the world work and make it a better place.
Currently, I’m seeking distribution for the series — Ozy, Fusion, Huff Post, UpWorthy, etc…The videos in the series are under 4 minutes, well crafted and ideal for mobile viewing and add sponsorship.

Please share and help Everyonestory find a home!

Here are three Everyonestory’s to view…

Big shout out to Jordan Dumbroff who was first camera and editor on the Don White and firefighter videos! Jordan is now living in LA pursuing his dream to be a tv series writer…to see the videos click here for “A sister among a band of brothers.” Click here for “A Palm Tree Grows in Boston” and Click here to watch “Don White”