Beatrice the Brave–defending the defenseless in Zimbabwe

Women’s Media Center Podcast on Human Rights in Zimbabwe

Click on the above link to listen to Robin Morgan’s interview with me about Beatrice Mtetwa’s ongoing work in Zimbabwe. Despite continuing “persecution by prosecution,” Beatrice soldiers on defending victims of Robert Mugabe’s brutal regime. High risk and often without pay, human rights law is anything but easy. But as Beatrice said in the documentary about her work (which I produced in 2013),

“You know this has to be done. Somebody’s got to do it. Why shouldn’t it be you?”

Fundraising is underway for a sequel to “Beatrice Mtetwa and the Rule of Law,” and this film will focus on a primary school in Uganda, located on an island in Lake Victoria. The school was created by teachers who viewed the film about Beatrice and were so inspired they decided to name a school after her and teach lessons in human rights. Today, the Beatrice Mtetwa Primary School has thirty students learning about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Justice, Leadership and Excellence is the school’s motto. To help me tell this story and produce Tiny Ripples of Hope, please email bostonfilmvideo@gmail.comBeatrice Mtetwa PRimary School