“The Trial of Ivan Demjanjuk” documentary film–in development

A new film is in production about John Demjanjuk, a former auto worker from Cleveland, who was extradited in 1987 to Israel, to face ┬ácharges of crimes committed during the Holocaust. The prosecution claimed that John was actually “Ivan the Terrible” — a sadistic Nazi officer who murdered 900,000 Jews in a death camp. The trial was broadcast live on Israeli tv, and the twists and turns of the facts clashed with doubts about Demjanjuk’s real identity, creating an international media circus, as survivors, defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges and members of Demjanjuk’s family collide. Currently, I’m assisting the Israeli producers in locating journalists who covered the trial, members of the Cleveland Ukranian community who stood in solidarity with John Demjanjuk, friends of the family, and many others to participate in the telling of this riveting story that was as polarizing as it was ambiguous as the near 35 year legal saga went on and on.