From Prisoner to President, a film based on Mandela’s Prison Letters

Boston Film & Video has received an exclusive first option for a film based on The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela, being published in July, 2018,(Copyright (c) Nelson R. Mandela, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Blackwell and Ruth Limited).

The book features 250 never-before-published letters written by Mandela during the 27 years he was imprisoned. Few people in such circumstances suffered with the dignity, perseverance, and foresight that Mandela displayed. Today, in a world sorely in need of inspired leadership and action, his words transcend time and place. Through Mandela’s letters from prison, his legacy lives on – as it guides and inspires us to face the challenge of living and governing for the common good.

The feature length documentary will be produced and directed by Lorie Conway, an award-winning filmmaker and the founder of Boston Film & Video. A South African-based production team will work collaboratively with her Boston-based team.

The film will focus on 30 or so excerpts from Mandela’s prison letters, selectively chosen to represent his ideas, concerns and emotions as he lived a life without freedom. South Africans from all walks of life, as well as 4-6 celebrity readers, will be invited to convey the great Mandela’s words. Some may wish to interpret them artistically through music, dance, or drumming.

Executive Producing & Co-Executive Producing opportunity is available for one or two funders. For more information about fiscal sponsorship and references, please contact Lorie Conway,