As Long As It Takes…a feature film or dramatic series about CAPTAIN BILL PINKNEY, An African American Man Who Inspires and Affirms, Life, Love, & Dreams, as he sails solo around the world. The First Black man of any nation to do so…

Sailing in to Boston Harbor 22 months after circumnavigating the earth!
In 1992, I was there to film Captain Bill Pinkney as I was producing the Peabody Award winning documentary, The Incredible Voyage of Bill Pinkney…Now, I just finished writing the pitch for a feature film, or episodic series, based on Bill’s life and journey. In light of the era we are living in, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and Hollywood seeking stories that defy the stereotypes,
AS LONG AS IT TAKES has it all.
Our fingers are crossed for a deal on this story that matters now more than ever.